8 tips on how to love the job you hate

London 1989. Photo by Challen Yee

London 1989. Photo by Challen Yee

Here are a few tips on how to feel better about your job.

1) Remember the reasons you have the job in the first place.
There was a reason you landed your job and that reason may still be valid and important despite how you feel.

2) Get to know your co-workers and other staff at your office.
Increasing the human interaction at work and avoid isolation will appeal to your desire to be connected.

3) Learn new skills (like a language or communication skill) that makes you more valuable in several markets building more flexibility into your future. Most disciplines brought together have some synergetic value.

4) Read about and/or make a connection with an expert or a mentor in a new field related or unrelated to your current job.
There’s nothing quite like learning from or reading about a person further down range in an exciting new field to open your view of potentially new markets as a way to un-isolate yourself from the world.

5) Spend some time to consider what you would truly like to get out of life, what kind of impact you would like to have. Chart a course and take the correct vessel to achieve your goal. Just knowing that you can build new paths for yourself will lessen the burden of feeling trapped by your current job.

6) Take care of your family relationships. I believe, family welfare and career or business success are interdependent and synergetic.

7) Pursue a passion outside of work involved with helping others. Acknowledge your innate wealth that you have been given in this life. Use those talents to serve and empower others. It’s is often said because of its truth that the more you give, the more you receive. Better yet, the joy you receive will spill into all vessels of your life.

8) Understand that no matter your circumstances, whatever they may be, you are wealthy now. Yes, you are already wealthy. Although you may pursue greater influence or seek to improve your material condition, satisfaction only comes from a knowledge and awareness of self worth and how unique and special you truly are… right now.

Which tip do you find most helpful and what has worked for you?

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