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Leona and Challen on stage at the end of the Weekend to Remember marriage conference sponsored by Family Life. Photo taken by some nice folks from Fairfield, CA.

1) Spouse Training: Say “I love you (with a twist).” 

In this post I wrote about a simple way to add more meaning to when you say “I love you” to someone you hold dear. This was the result of attending our first “Weekend to Remember” sponsored by Family Life Ministries.



2) Be a Good Manager: Replace Yourself

Managers play a key role in any organization, and taken to its fullest extent, considering the vast population who fall under a “boss” or manager, professional managers have an enormous opportunity to have a positive (or negative) effect on society. Included is a story about a Navy Warrant Officer who made a strong impression on me while I was serving onboard a submarine.



3) Threat Alert: The “can’t do it” attitude

This post goes into some causes of a negative attitude and a bit of an attack on those who consciously or unconsciously hold others back from their dreams. (The handwritten sign was created by my 6 year old daughter).


Michael Hyatt . source:

4) Why I blog (and you should too)

Thanks to an interview I listened to with Michael Hyatt. That’s what got me going on starting my first blog in June 2013 ( Since then I have met others who I could see great potential as a blogger and have encouraged them to start their own blogs as soon as possible. So much is learned just by doing. I followed this article up with a few lessons learned in other posts.



5) Can you be happy with what you have yet drive for more?

This was a more of s stream of thought article that probably took me several hours to write. I actually wrote this one trying to summarize a video I created on the way to work (I did a few of these, and this video may have been the longest). Sometimes when you’re going off the cuff, you get into subjects in a way you do not when just writing.



One that was not high upon the ranks but  I wanted to bring closure on this one:

Extra: Be a Good Manager: What would you do if…?

For the reader, this was a hypothetical situation where a small company boss is leaving work and is challenged to action or non-action by one of his key employees who tends to work late and unintentionally misses dinner in the process. No one commented on this post but the article received some attention.

Let me tell you what I would do as the boss. I would take a few minutes of my time and buy the guy a sound but simple dinner, even if he never asked for it. As a boss, you should at least know, eating on a regular schedule is good for health and eating late is not ideal. Even if the employee didn’t eat it and took it home, the gesture would likely construed as a profound acknowledgement and understanding of willing sacrifice for the company.

Often it’s the sincere little things, not the big bonuses we remember as significant.


An incredible teacher and mentor, "America's Foremost Business Philosopher" Mr. Jim Rohn

I want to acknowledge, the late Mr. Jim Rohn,

for many of my articles have a thread of his wisdom spliced in.





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