Blogging on a roadtrip with only an IPhone?

What do you so if you blog daily, you need to go on a roadtrip, and all you have to work with is your Iphone?

I haven’t found a way to recreate the control i have at my home office, but a couple of preparation help.

1) Download the blog service app (i.e. WordPress iphone app). As it turns out, this blogpost is becoming a review of a first time use of the WordPress app.

2) Have a automatic reposting service or plugin that shares your post once to publish.

3) Make sure you use your Iphone (or which ever device you are using) to make it possible to add those images to your post easily.
If you need access to your media library , load the images you need onto your phone.


4) As i write this post using the WordPress app, i can’t seem to insert an image anywhere but at the end of the text I’ve written, so insert images you want as you write unless you want all images at the end of your text body.
I can insert text anywhere but can’t seem to insert an image anywhere easily.


5) If you have problems uploading images, you can try using the cellular connection and/or cycle off/on your wireless connection.


6) Doesn’t look like i can access my normal media library so i need to rely on photos i’ve got in my phone.

7) I think if i want control like I normally have, I need to use an Ipad or a laptop.

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I’ll see you… on the next page.


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