Risk-taking principle: be decisive

What separates the haves and the have nots? It’s being able and willing to do what others won’t do in order to attain what others don’t have. A key ingredient is the ability to make decisions in a difficult circumstance or environment. Let’s read how Rich breaks it down for us to better understand what it means to be decisive.


“Risk-taking principle no.1: be decisive” from the book “How to be like Rich Devos” (2004) by Pat Williams.

Rich DeVos, from "How to Be Like Rich DeVos"

Rich DeVos, from “How to Be Like Rich DeVos”

“You’ll never learn to sail by standing on the shore,” Rich says, “Make a bold decision and see it through.”

Those timid souls who delay a decision until all the facts are crystal clear usually decide too late. Successful people know that the advantage goes to those who decide quickly, firmly and boldly. When you need to make a decision, don’t wait to get all the facts. Settle for 75 percent or even 50 percent of the facts. Size up the situation as best you can, take a quick check of your instincts and intuition – then launch out boldly and decisively.

“You’ll never have all the information you’d like,” Rich says, “but that’s okay. Make a decision anyway! Go for it! Be bold! Be aggressive! Dorn’t let your lack of confidence hoId you back. Confidence comes from doing.”

“Wherever you see a successful business,” says management guru Peter Drucker, “someone once made a courageous decision.”  That can certainly be said of Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel and their successful company.

Every decision involves an element of uncertainty and risk. If there was no uncertainty, there would be no need to make a decision. A decision is required precisely because the best course of action is not obvious. Successful people make the best decisions they can, even when the outcome is far from assured.

Decisiveness requires courage and boldness. You must be willing to make a decision, accept the consequences of that decision and keep moving forward. There’s no time to stop and wring your hands, wondering if you made the right decision. You must keep looking ahead to the next decision. What if you made the wrong decision? Simple: Make another decision, correct your mistakes and keep moving forward.

(Thank you, Rich).

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