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Scrambled Eggs: Getting a video into my blog using my iPhone, MAC and You-tube.

Note: You can bypass the storage of video on the MAC and upload your video directly to your You-tube account, but the following method is if you first need to store your video locally on your desktop for editing or local archiving.

Challen demonstrates cooking scrambled eggs

Challen demonstrates cooking scrambled eggs

This is how I currently add a video to my blog post. I’m sure there is probably a much better way, but this good enough to get you started with the commonly accessible products described here.

1) I Shoot a video with Iphone5

2) I download my Iphone into my Mac where the new video automatically loads into iPhoto.

SInce the size of the video straight out of my IPhone is a very large file, in order to speed up uploadng to the internet, I convert it using a tool called “Smart Converter” (available through the Apple APPS store). I’m using the standard, non-pro version right now. I’m not sure what is in the “pro” version.

3) I drag the video from IPhoto to the Smart Converter window then perform a “Quicktime” conversion.

When the Smart Converter is done, the size of the file is about 10 times smaller. it automatically sends the converted video to your Itunes movie folder.

4) On Smart Converter, click “Show File” and then a “Smart Converter” folder opens.

In order to organize my converted files, I drag a copy to a specific folder under, for example, “Favorites/Pictures/Blog_video” (You can organize your folders how ever you desire) and you can then upload to the internet from your “Blog_Video” folder OR

You can also upload your Quicktime video directly from your “Smart Converter” folder

In either case…

5) Upload the new Quicktime video to your You-tube account using the You-tube “Video Manager” (You may need to set up a You-Tube account first. My You-Tube account is associated with my Google account).


You-Tube is the go to place to store your videos for internet use

The reason I ended up uploading video to You-tube, is because of the seemingly limit free ability to upload and watch my videos on any internet venue I have whether it is my blog or a Facebook group or a personal Google site, as long as I can link to the video in my You-tube account.

If I try to store the video on other accounts aside from You-tube, including my WordPress blog, I have problems uploading large video and/or replaying large video files.

I am also unable use Facebook for video storage since videos are not allowed to be played if stored in Facebook.

Even in WordPress, if I increase the maximum upload file limit, I cannot play a video. So far I can only replay videos without problem after I store them on You-tube and link to them.

Here are a couple of easy ways to create a clickable link to your video:

See my scrambled egg cooking demonstration

OR  you can try this way by attaching a link to a photo:

Challen demonstrates cooking scrambled eggs


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