Poet’s Corner: Attaining a Goal

Attaining a Goal
By Challen Yee
Inspired by “The Lotus Code” *

Photography by Challen Yee 1989

Photo by Challen Yee 1989

Attaining a Goal

A goal starts with an idea,
Ideas inspire thoughts,
Thoughts become words,
Words become purposeful actions,
Actions become habits,
Habits with determination build perseverence,
Persistence leads to attaining goals…

And so…

Who can attain goals which come from perseverence?
Who can persevere from disciplined habit?
Who can make habit from purposeful action?
Who can take action based on intentional words?
Who can form words from captivating thoughts?
Who can have thoughts born from an idea?
Who can embrace the idea delivered from inspiration?

You can.



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* “The Lotus Code” by Mark Yarnell and Valerie Bates

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Challen Yee

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