Perfect Pricing: Don’t Buy Into a Poverty Mindset*

Assessing your real market value

*Sub-chapter title from Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid” (2011)

Palace of Versailles, "Think Big, Think Grand!"  Photo by Challen Yee 1989

Palace of Versailles, “Think Big, Think Grand!” Photo by Challen Yee 1989

 In Chinese Medicine school, we spent years learning how to diagnose and treat diseases. Part of our training had to do with business marketing, which was an exciting two weekend class which began to open our minds to what it would take to build a business.

In my opinion, however, proper training to become a professional medical practitioner ought to be integrated into the weekly, if not daily curriculum in the form of positive thinking and mindset training.

One of the common pitfalls among new acupuncturists is the idea that alternative medicine is supposed to be be offered at an alternative price to services offered by a Western physician, and that somehow acupuncture is subject to bartering. While there is an important place for volunteer work and pay-as-you-may service, gee whiz, when was the last time you bartered with your MD over your office visit?

Here’s an excerpt from an excellent guide, “Book Yourself Solid” (2011) by Michael Port, that will help you seek your price point for what ever service you provide.

“Maybe you think … I don’t want to price my services such that people can’t afford them. Or, maybe it was something like … I have a new client that says they can’t afford much so I’m thinking of lowering my price for them. These thoughts don’t necessarily mean you have a “poverty mindset” but they most definitely play you small. Allow your expectations to be stretched. People rarely buy professional services based on price. In fact, people express their values through what they buy – so let them.

“Only you can offer you. Whatever it is you offer – it is unique – to you. Only you can offer a particular combination of services, skills, talent and personality. Only you can offer the exact combination of information, style of communication, and value that makes you so uniquely you. Know that. Know and accept, and revel in your value. Come from a place of service. Raise your intention to be well compensated for what you offer. Expect to be paid well. Then ask for it. Put out a price that makes you feel valuable and see others joyously flocking to take advantage of the great value you offer.

“…Booked Solid Action Step: Right now raise your prices until it makes you slightly uncomfortable. You’ll know you’ve reached the right number when you experience a slight feeling of nausea. That’s your new price. Over time you’ll grow into it-not the nausea, the price – and, over time, you’ll continue to raise your prices, sans nausea.


“Ask for what you are worth and you will receive it. But first, truly know and believe you have great value. Then others will know and appreciate all that you have to offer. You have to know that what you offer is valuable care and you have to charge an amount that shows it is valuable. Only you can choose to think big about who you are and what you have to offer the world.”

(Thank you, Michael Port)

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