MLM: When your A-list doesn’t show up to your party

Hope for a Network Marketer


Have you ever had a party and the guests  you invited all decided not to show up?
Wouldn’t that seem a little strange?

If you’ve been around network marketing, that may actually not seem so strange.

I’ve got a passage from the Bible to give you some hope. Allow me to paraphrase.

In the “Parable of the Dinner(meeting)” (Luke 14:16-24) we are told about a man who invited many to an “opportunity meeting” And to the host’s chagrin, each invited guest gave the ancient equivalent of:

“I need to feed the dog.”
“I need to test drive my car.”
“I need to watch the grass grow.”
“I’m married.”

Well… as you would imagine, the host, inspired from his disappointment and determined not to be stood up, decided to broaden his idea of who could join the party.

“Just go,” he told his downline emissaries, “just go out and bring in everyone you can, from wherever you can. I’m having party and it’s going to be a big one. Go out there and crush it.”

A parable can have many meanings, but for the aspiring network marketer, it is an apt lesson about the disbelief of others and their insensible and sometimes ridiculous excuses.

Don’t get hung up on them. It is one of those things Jim Rohn would warn, “Don’t sign up for that class.”

Keep your chin up, friend. Work hard and laugh a lot. You’ve got something to accomplish and you are going to survive to tell about it.

Just remember: Great things are not possible without overcoming great obstacles.

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Challen Yee


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