Build Rapport Faster: 4 Color ID system


In today’s fast paced networking environment, you could use a useful easy to use tool to help you identify what type of client or prospect you are working with.

Even if you are not involved in a fast paced business and you just want to make friends, your efforts to accurately build repoire with another person will be an essential strength as you connect with people in your day-to-day routine.


(Check out my short video on the 4 Color System , I’m not driving in this one! Click on the arrow).


In Steve Thompson’s book “Relationship Marketing” (2013) he describes a simple four color method by which you can help identify people. Now why should you believe Steve Thompson? Steve Thompson is a premiere top earner in network marketing (19 years) and experienced in traditional business (30years).
Okay, so you’ve been introduced to a stranger, look for signs of the following four personality categories. I am going to paraphrase and improvise based on my interpretation of Steve’s definitions.
BLUE: Think BLUE HAWAII, as in the cocktail. This is the FUN lovers color. People of the blue personality type would enjoy the social aspects of your business. They already spend 40 hours per week working in non-fun job or desire to be part of a social network that lowers their blood pressure.
THIS is the majority of people whom you will encounter, so it would behoove you to ensure you have a FUN aspect to your business or you will certainly lose out on attracting people in this majority category.
GREEN: Don’t necessarily think dollar sign green, think 3.14159, that represents someone who is analytical and is interested in the calculable aspects of your business opportunity. These people tend to be organized and methodical and often work as engineers and accountants. Be ready to go a bit further in describing your comp plan than you might with other prospects.
YELLOW: Is MELLOW.  Yellow type personalities have a passion for helping others and their priorities are to find ways of helping others. They want others to be able to mellow with their fellows. Yellow type characters in your organization will deepen the character of your organization and be part of the catalyst of converting a superficial standard into one that really reaches out to touch people in need. Powerful and meaningful. They may be connected with non-profits organizations, churches or other philanthropic efforts.
RED: Think of FIRE-like personalities who tend to be leaders and have higher than normal ambitions. They are the hardest people to lead and coach since they are the act-first-think-last types who will negotiate an obstacle by running into it head on. But don’t think that RED folks are not desirable, you can’t win a horserace without a racehorse, you can’t win a war without a some good generals.
Understand no one is exclusively just one of these types, each of us has a unique combination in various proportions and every group will necessarily benefit from a combination of these different personality types.
However, each person will tend to be one of these in any given circumstance.
Can you think on your toes and learn to be responsive and flexible? If you have a tool like the Four Color System to help guide your way to building your network or clientele, your ability to mirror and meet the people you make contact with vastly improve.
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