The Beauty of your Message

Check out this message recorded on 11-7-13 with some thoughts on your message, your consideration of starting a blog, and some other impromptu thoughts of a positive nature.


Are you in a position to communicate a valuable message to a mass of people? 

One of the major obstacles of anyone with a message is the fear of rejection.

The Bible is a useful source of testimony to help gain some needed perspective and encouragement, in particular, the stories in the Bible related to people’s responses to the Son of God.

Whether you are a Christian or not, you can still consider the lessons offered by the human stories illustrating a wide range of responses to Jesus’ messages.

Considering that Jesus is “perfect” and yet not everyone accepts what he has to say, should tell you something about the reality of human nature, even in the presence of a great teacher.

Jim Rohn has a great lecture on this, and I will paraphrase his idea.

An incredible teacher and mentor, "America's Foremost Business Philosopher" Mr. Jim Rohn

Some will not believe you. Why?
They are the non-believers. They will not believe.

Some will laugh at you. Why?
They are the laughers. They will laugh.

Some will mock you. Why?
They are the mockers. They will mock.

Some will believe you.
And they are the reason you do what you do. They were open when you acted faithfully to offer them your message.

Don’t let the reality of the presence of non-believers, laughers, and mockers cause you to lose faith in the beauty of your message.


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