Blog Basics: WordPress and your Mindset

Getting started on blogging and your mindset

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The earlier you start, the earlier to begin getting experience and working out the problems you need to resolve. Blogging is a way of marketing yourself that is best learned by just doing it.

A common obstacle a potential new blogger faces is,”My contribution would be insignificant and so it’s not worth blogging about,” or “I’m not successful, who will listen to me.”
Another misconception is “There are so many bloggers already, I am too late.”

These beliefs are incorrect based on incorrect assumptions.

If you choose to go down the road of success you need to embrace two important concepts: abundance and self-worth. Just keep this in mind for now, they are crucial concepts that will affect every facet of your journey.

The bottom line is: Can you help and are you willing to help someone with a problem?

Over time (and that’s why you need to get started ASAP) you will build your bank of ideas accessible on the net but it all starts with a desire to help other people with the information you provide.

Problem solving can come in different forms and you offer your own unique perspectives. You will be able to speak to someone in a way, place and time that no one else will be able to.

You do need to be careful to present yourself in public way. Once you post some content the whole world will be able to access it. Isn’t that wild? So don’t knowingly do foolish things with your sight that would damage your public persona.

Ok, here’s something new, a video

First Video for Blog November 6, 2013

Getting started is pretty inexpensive if you decide to use the free services from providers like and use their blog naming extension “”. is where I established my first blog It is very easy to get up and going with a very decent looking blog. You will have a bunch of choices of great looking page layouts called “themes” that you can use and change at will.

You do not have to use the “” name extension, but there is a small fee to have your own customized name like I have used without using their advertisement embedded in you site name.

It is also recommended to pay the small fee used for the service to keep your personal registration data private.

There’s difference between and

If you just want to establish a site without any sophisticated sign-in forms or commerce potential, its okay to use the simpler, but if you aren’t sure and are willing to do a little more work, or hire out the process of generating your blogsite, is a necessity. uses WordPress in-house servers (which helps make the process ultra easy) and requires that you sign up with another host server company (I use Bluehost with good results so far).

It helps to make this decision early on because transferring domain names from one server to another is a bit of a pain. Not impossible, but it is a detailed process that took me several days to complete which included some mandatory waiting periods.

The Basics of Widgets and Plugins

In you will have a set group of accessories available to enhance your blogsite called widgets. They provide several functions from providing spam filters to setting up a contact page and many fun things in-between.

Another big  difference between and is in .org you need to “add” most of these widgets in the form of “plugins”. In other words, you will need to assemble your blogsite by first gathering all the accessories you need before you can activate them. is designed for the creation of fully customizable sites, WordPress .com is not.

So if you just want to get a site up quickly and just get a feel the excitement of getting started without much technical hassle, start with

Once you have a better idea what you really need and you want to pick a permanent site name, I would suggest you use because of the greater capabilities you will be able to incorporate into a blog there.

There’s a lot of other topics that are useful, such as how to create content, how to gather more traffic to your site, how to set up an sign up form, which plugins are useful.

If you would like to hear more, or you’ve got something useful to get you excited about starting your own blog, share or comment. I would like to assist you in getting started or helping you in what small way I can to get you going on your big dreams.

Feel free to contact me a comment or email if you have any questions.



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