A Brief Tale of Two Admirals

“HMS” Rose Sailing Adventure 


 There comes times in your life when you’ve got to go on a vacation of a lifetime. I hope you have multiple opportunities and feel the freedom and adventure of traveling lightly loaded on an exciting adventure of your choosing.

I wrote extensively about my 1996 experience as a trainee on the American Tallship Rose, a modern recreation of the Revolutionary War era HMS Rose (refer to: http://www.tallshiprose.org/stories/index.html). It’s a bit of a read, but if you are ready for a little escape and like sea stories, it may please you to read it.

The frigate has since been renamed the Surprise and home ported in San Diego. She was used in the film Master and Commander (2003) starring Russell Crowe.


A LOOK AT LEADERSHIP – in Royal Navy History


Back in the 1980’s and 90’s, I read extensively about the Royal Navy in Lord Nelson’s era.

In my opinion, the most effective and fulfilling way to learn history is to take an interest in a historical character first. Then everything you learn has a connection that is personal and human.

One of the best books I ever read regarding the Royal Navy was called Nelson’s Captains. In it was a detailed study of Nelson’s Band of Brothers.

If you want to compare contrasting leadership styles and outcomes of two Royal Navy officers, study Admiral John Byng and then Horatio Nelson.

In a nutshell you could say that Byng was a victim of the regimented rules of warfare while Nelson was the cutting edge innovator, taking advantage of the enemy’s adherence to the inflexible rules of engagement. By being innovative, inspirational, and daring, Nelson achieved monumental victories.

Perhaps Nelson’s greatest leadership achievement was the bond he developed with his corps of talented officers and the affection and adoration of his men in an era of relative stoicism between the ranks.


Which historical characters have had a big influence on you?

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