Where Dating and Trading cross paths

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Struggling with your love life?
Struggling with your stock trading?

I have a possible solution for you!

Involved and struggling with the stock market
You’re stuck in a financial situation where you don’t have enough money to buy an income producing investment property, and you haven’t yet been inspired to become a full time entrepreneur with your yet to arrive awesome idea. You have some cash you can afford to invest but you don’t trust financial advisors to handle your money.

You wonder if you can make money in stocks because every time to gain something you turn right around and lose it.


On the relationship front
You feel kind of desperate to find someone to get into a serious relationship with. Even though you may be in a relationship already, it seems to be going nowhere. You have a lot to give a significant other, but you aren’t really getting the opportunity.

You believe life is a people business, but its a business that is not necessarily linked to the profit of money, but a profit of fulfillment and joy.

Nevertheless, two common pursuits occur in life: Finding a mate and making money. Both have a way of putting a smile on our face when things are going well.

I will give you the benefit of some of my observations in dating and trading the stock market and I will point out corresponding fundamentals that you would be wise to take note of if your are engaged in both pursuits.

The Stock Market
Arguably, the stock market is a place to make money. I am not necessarily recommending that you jump into trading stocks if you are not already. The purpose of this series is not to get you to start trading stock, but if you are already involved, struggling and you are serious at trying to make money doing it, there are some logical rules that have helped me make gains.  Amazingly, I really believe, the right trading psychology applied to your dating pursuits will help your love life while you make some money.

I am not a certified financial anything, I am a personal development blogger who writes about a variety of subjects. However, I have lost a large amount of money before finally seriously studying the fundamentals of trading.

When I finally got sick and tired being ignorant and losing money (and I do NOT recommend you wait that long!), I found a mentor to help straighten me out. I cannot guarantee you will not lose money, but each principle is simple enough to describe and, by and large, will help if they become part of your trading discipline.
These posts are neither meant to be an end all in the pursuit of building trading skills nor are they intended to cure all of your dating issues but, rather, to highlight some interesting  correlations I’ve made that I hope you will find beneficial and possibly entertaining.

Are you ready to improve your trading and dating life while you are transiting to your next big breakthrough?

I’ll see you… on the next page.

Challen Yee

Challen Yee

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