The Steps of Manhood

Defining the Roles in a Man’s Life

Note: Moved by this morning’s radio show, I decided to fit this post in and delay what I had planned originally.

Abraham's Clan, image source

Abraham’s Clan, image source

I often listen to Family Life Today radio program on my morning drive and I was moved by the hosts, Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine, discussing the subject of men needing to “step up” in their life roles (This is the first day of a multi-part discussion on their program).

The question arose, has anyone taken you aside as a young man, or at any time, and explained, “This is the way of a man, the stages along your path in life…”?

Then proceeded to explain the 5 steps of manhood:
1) Childhood
2) Adolescence
3) Mature Manhood
3) Mentor
4) Patriarch

The pathway is one of an intentional leader, visionary, protector and influencer, strong in character and yet tender.

The word “tender” may throw most of you men for a loop. But let me describe the subtitle of a book written by Stu Weber, a pastor and former Green Beret. One of his books is called, “Tender Warrior – Every Man’s Purpose, Every Woman’s Dream, Every Child’s Hope.” 

Does that help you put some substance behind the word “tender”?

When I look at this list of virtues, something in my heart and soul broadens and strengthens, especially in light of today’s mass media culture that often discards the valor and integrity of manhood.


About Parents and their Children

Another interesting concept the Family Life hosts brought up this morning was how parents often think they are helping children become adults, when it is often the case that the children are needed to help parents become adults.

The point being, many new parents are still caught up in the adolescent stage when they start their families and then the responsibility of parenthood forges the once adolescent into mature manhood or adulthood.

I don’t know about you, but, yes, I can relate to that.

I’m not sure if I got their point precisely right, but I think you get the idea. That was my take away.

Something to think about.

I’ll see you… on the next page

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