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The Bread Winner Factor – Part 3

“No one shall take a man’s living away in exchange in pledge, for he will be taking away a life in pledge.” Deuteronomy 24:6

The bread-winner factor plays a big part in the life of a professional. The loss of the ability or ones livelihood is equal to “taking away a life.”

From my experiences struggling with suicidal thoughts as a result of failing in business, and losing a friend, in major part, due to economic factors, the ability to be a part of a circle or team of supportive friends and mentors cannot be understated.

As both a helper and survivor, make it one of your pursuits to make connections with some responsible people whom you may be able to call upon, not only for your own good, but in service of others. Create your own Rapid Social Deployment Force.

Do you know someone who is struggling with steady work and is showing some concerning signs?

Does he have family? How close are they, both in location and in relationship?*

How has his employment record been? Are they temporary, short time positions?

Does he have a vision for his life?

Be an intentional friend, give the gift of attention.

If you get the sense that you are the only person who your friend has this may be the hint you may go the intentional route. What can you do? Here are some ideas.

1) Widen his circle to include a couple of well meaning and supportive people, consider including someone who successfully overcame similar circumstances.

2) Make a point of getting together on a regular basis, at least once per month. Get some exercise, get moving. Life and movement go together!

3) Help him fight off a sense of being alone and of being helpless. Work together to help others, maybe others who are even more disadvantaged.

4) Be positive without being over the top. Be real and help with setting realistic expectations.

5) Call once per week or get together for a refreshment (in this case, I recommend no alcohol), don’t just shoot the trivia wind, listen to what he has to say, be sensitive in understanding what his needs are or a possible root problem

6) Make sure you are keeping yourself spiritually and emotionally healthy in the process otherwise your ability to lift up others will get impaired.

Note*: Your friend may actually be surrounded by others, but not have a the kind of support he needs.
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